søndag 25. mars 2007

Faster Than Ever(green)

The Evergreeners have been waiting for good weather to prepare the hull for faster sailing. Previously, the hull was very uneven due to +20 years of no antifouling removal. Chips of paint had "delaminated" leaving numerous edges up to 1 mm efficiently messing up any laminar flow at low speeds. After trying several exiting chemicals, Anders' high pressure water cleaner with rotating nozzle followed by hand scraping, sand papering and alcohol washing (see picture) turned out to be the best preparation for new layers of primer.

On the picture to the right Jon and Arne Kristian is completing the 1th layer of primer. After finishing the necessary layers of primer, the racing anti fouling VC-17 will be used for ensuring no growth of algaes and superb low water friction. In addition to the hull, both the keel and the rudder needed attention to give good surface smoothness. So, given far less water drag, the performance should increase significantly in weak winds !

The VC 17 anti fouling still showing the cupper colour on the picture to the right. Previously, with a +15 years old genua with plenty depth, any combination of speed and height at TWS > 5 m/s was deemed to give modest VMGs. The +15 years old main was also far from the shape one would like when beating. However, our new main and genua, with proper trim lines etc., will soon arrive from Hood. This will defenitely give us a performance boost in stronger winds given the beating potential of a Hero 101.

My best estimate is that we will gain 5% in speed at TWS < 2 m/s, 2% in the TWS range of 3-5 m/s and 5% in the TWS range of 6-9 m/s. So, when rubbed and polished, Evergreen will look like The Sailing Smaragd !

Therefore, be aware of the Faster Than Ever(green) this season !

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